Updating from your old Wii Softmod!

*Disclaimer* I’d like to thank wiihacks and  for this info. I have posted this for educational purposes only, I am not personally responsible for how you choose to use this information.

A while back I wrote a tutorial to softmod your Wii titled “My complete “How to get Homebrew Channel on virgin 4.0 Wii!” using several tutorials I found across the internet and combined them to make one detailed tutorial. Since then there have been some changes and I found a really great tutorial on www.wiihacks.com titled “Updating from your old soft mod”. I found this information extremely useful to upgrade my Wii from the 4.0 to 4.1 firmware allowing me to play some of the newer games such as “New Super Mario Bros” . Below is the tutorial from wiihacks.com. 

Updating from your old Softmod!

Please be aware that this guide was written by both myself, as well as ShadowSonic2. If this helps you out be sure to thank him as well because I did not do this alone. Also remember, anything done to your console is at your OWN Risk! We are not responsible for any Damage!

If you have not softmodded your wii yet THIS IS NOT THE GUIDE FOR YOU TO START OFF WITH. If you’re on system menu 3.1-4.1, use the guide by Dogeggs FOUND HERE. If you’re on system menu 4.2, use the guide by ShadowSonic2 FOUND HERE.

IF YOU ARE ON SYSTEM MENU 4.2 and are already softmodded, only use the cios38rev17 installer from this guide, and the loaders if you wish. If you’re also softmodded with DogEgg’s tutorial, this guide is NOT for you!

DO NOT use any programs such as Pimp my Wii or Cioscorps. These programs are not worth their weight in dirt and usually drop you off at Fail right before your wii dies.

Download Pack from here, The password for all files are www.wiihacks.com
Unzip the pack and place all the files and folders onto the root of your SD Card formatted to FAT32.

This is for people who softmodded a while back and want to be back up to date. This requires wi-fi. You might want to do a NAND Backup with bootmii if you can.

Step 1 – Clear up some clutter
a) Go into Data Management. Delete all backup launchers. Do NOT Delete Homebrew Channel.

Step 2 – Update your custom iOS

a) Run Homebrew Channel and load cIOS38-rev17 Installer.

b) Use iOS249 for installation.

c) Select ‘network installation’, allow it to download and install. Once done, exit.

Step 3 – Update Homebrew Channel and Bootmii

a) Use bannerbomb to install bootmii as boot2 if possible if not install as an ios

b) If you have the home brew channel already there is no need to install it again. If it prompts you on start up while connected to the internet that there is an update you can accept it if you wish.

Step 4 – Upgrade your System Menu (If you’re already on system menu 4.1 only install ios60patched.wad)

a) Run Homebrew Channel and load WAD Manager using default settings (iOS249 and SD Slot)

b) Navigate into wad folder.

c) Highlight iOS60patched.wad and press A and install!

d) Once done successfully, press home to exit.

e) Back in Homebrew Channel, load ‘Waninkoko’s Firmware Updater v4.1’

f) Sit back and allow it to do its work. Do NOT Turn off your Wii!

g) It will tell you once done.

Step 5 – Install Priiloader (Brick Protection and System Hacks)

a) Load Homebrew Channel and run Priiloader v0.4 installer.

b) Press + on the wiimote to install.

c) Your wii should reboot into Priiloader after the installation (If it doesn’t, power off your Wii and hold reset on the console while turning it on). Go to System Menu Hacks (You might get something about hacks.ini, read this) and enable ‘Block Disc Updates’ and any other hacks you would like, select ‘Save Settings’ when finish. Press B on the wiimote to go back to the main menu, next go to Settings and use the d-pad to set Autoboot: System Menu. Then select Save Settings. Press B to go back to the main menu. If you get any problems, look here


Step 6 – Update/Install iOS

a) Once again in Homebrew Channel, Load WAD Manager v1.4 using default settings (iOS249 and SD Slot)

b) Navigate into the wad folder.

c) Highlight iOS38.wad, press A and install.

d) Do the same for iOS50, iOS53, iOS55 and iOS56.

e) Don’t exit. Move onto Step 7.

Step 7 – Installing a Newer Backup Loader

Newer backup loaders are now available which even allow you to load from a USB HDD.

a) You’ll now be in the wad directory in WAD Manager. If you plan on using Discs, highlight and install Neogamma R8.wad; If you plan on using USB HDDs, highlight and install USB Loader GX r929.wad.

b) Press Home on your WiiMote once installation is complete.

All done, you now have an up-to date Wii.

*Please note that some games are problematic and have special methods required to get them to work properly. Krank as composed a thread FOUND HERE for these games with links to their guides.

Here is a list of awesome sources I have found for Wads, IOSs, and ISOs

  1. http://turdinc.kicks-ass.net/downloads/index.php Username:Nintendo Password: XBOXPS2
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/Timewalker All US WADS
  3. http://www.wiiiso.com/ Wii ISO’s
  4. http://wiihacks.com A great place for info and tutorials
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  1. that sucks mav would you happen to have a link to that guide. To the guide makers. I’m looking at every guide I can. yeah I’m running rev ten I think so you know how much of a beginner.

  2. okay turned off all system menu hacks. and it works again so it looks like a half brick.

  3. sorry for all the repeat post but super mario glaxey 2 is a go. and the preloader system hack that caused the trouble is the recovery one.

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