Add-in: WordPress for Windows Home Server On the Way

Following his recent release of PHP and MySQL add-ins for Windows Home Server, WHS developer Cougar is working on a WordPress implementation for the platform.

WordPress is a very popular blogging/content management system application which powers hundreds of thousands of websites around the world. Installation on Windows Home Server is complicated however, requiring the installation of PHP, MySQL, configuration of the remote website and then the installation and configuration of WordPress itself. Bleugh.

A beta version of the add-in is due to be released soon – it’ll mark a big step forward in the ability for WHS owners to create and publish their own website online, all hosted on their home server.

I’m looking forward to checking it out.

More Info: WordPress for Windows Home Server


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  1. I still don’t see how this beneficial. What if my internet goes down? What if I get slammed by traffic? I’d just just rather have it managed somewhere else.

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