AntiVirus XP 2008 Removal

I have been running across a lot of this lately on several Computers. This is a false program that gives misleading information about security threats to your computer in order to trick you into buying the program. There are several variants of this type of software, however the most common variant I am seeing is  AntiVirusXP2008 and 2009. I have found a solution. Its a utility called ComboFix.

Check it out by clicking here

For more info on this malware click here.

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  1. Personally, this is one of those viruses that once you got it I just can’t always feel safe with the machine that had it cause you don’t know what kind of other viruses or root kits the bad guy let in while it was there. Even if it’s said it was removed. I still stand by it’s time for a clean install (or a reinstall from a good known source such as a backup) if you were unwise enough to let that bad guy in.

  2. While I think that we can both agree that formating and re-installing the OS (operating system) is the safest thing to do, not everyone has the desire to do that every time they pick up a trojan or spyware. Also keep in mind that not everyone is tech savy. For some, it is easer to run a scan and let it try to fix the issue.

    The internet is a wonderful yet dangerous place and we have to take steps to defend our valuable data. The best thing to do is to attempt to avoid it all together (see what is spyware and how to avoid it) but lets face it, even the most cautious of us can pick up an occasional piece of malware. Someone may email us a link to a funny video. Lets say that when we click on it we get a pop up asking that we install a codec or activex control. That seems pretty harmless but once we click it we see a ton of pop ups and maybe a command prompt screen pops up for just a sec and we feel our heart drop in our chest. We have all been there and if we have not, chances are we will.

    This is just something I found that I though did a wonderful job in removing this particular piece of spyware and its variants in lieu of formating and reinstalling the OS.

    I have my personal and work computers set up to back themselves up every Friday night to a server. If something was to happen I just recover my data from my server and worse case scenario I lose a weeks worth of data. Again, not everyone is tech savy and may prefer to simply run a scan. If you opt to do this I suggest that once a year to take your computer to a professional and have the OS re-installed regardless of if you think it needs it or not.

  3. OK I can understand with random Spyware not reformatting but with Trojans and Worms I stand by it is now almost a necessity. It is almost impossible to know if it’s truly gone. I used to be Mister cocky going “Oh yeah just run this and it will be gone.” But I can not in good faith give this advice anymore. Virus are not just the fun and games they used to be to hackers. As organized crime has got in the virus business, and viruses have become far too dangerous to gamble with. Viruses do NOT won’t to be found, and as soon as a bad guy is in, they will invite other bad guys in.

    A recent exploit allowed a virus on your machine, then the virus patched the exploit. Do you think your little Norton (ha I called Norton little when it’s so bloated) is gonna stop that? No. It is time to spread awareness and prevention, not some magic program that’s gonna fix everything. That’s like saying “Oh someone put sugar in your gas tank, then put Palmolive in to clean it out”. No you probably need a whole new fuel pump or more.

    I understand that yes some people aren’t quick on computers. That’s why people like you and me who are need to teach them about things like backup, restores, save your data in 2 places and not just your house. I know it’s a hard battle as non-tech people usually scoff when I talk about why they need carbonite in their lives but one day they may realize it.

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