Spam! The root of evil

I learned a valuable lesson this week.  As a new and aspiring webmaster you make some mistakes. Making these mistakes is not wrong as long as you can take something away from the experience and learn from it. Long story short, if you don’t want spam in your e-mail inbox then don’t put a link to your e-mail on your website. (Big thanks to BC  for the tip, you know who you are). Oh well, live and learn and now I am a much wiser person for it.

On a different note I know that my download of the month section needs some TLC I plan on adding to it eventually, I have just been busy with work and flying on the weekends.  Speaking of which, with some luck I can start teaching Diane to fly this summer.

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Changes to

Big changes coming to our site. Im Trying to Get away from Microsoft Frontpage and am trying to learn the ends and outs of Dreamweaver. It's a little diffrent, however I think that once I learn how to use it I will be able to do a lot more than I ever could with frontpage.

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The launch of

Finally after much work, Diane and I have launched our first real website!!!!!

Just our little place in cyberspace that we can call our own. We plan to post blogs, photos, poems and stories. I also plan to host a download of the month section dedicated to free and interesting apps that I find on the net. Enjoy our site.

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