Fix syncing issues with ownCloud and IIS


While setting up ownCloud on a windows server running IIS 8, I had some major issues with syncing and getting the mobile app to work. Looking in the admin interface on my ownCloud site I noticed under “Connectivity Checks” that I kept getting the following error…

Your web server is not yet properly setup to allow files synchronization because the WebDAV interface seems to be broken.”



After some digging around and looking through several forum posts on the subject, I found that the PUT verb is to blame. I figured I would share this with anyone whos random Google search landed them on my page. This is the ONLY way to get the sync portion to work with a windows hosted install.


To fix this in IIS 7 and above do the following:
Open IIS and navigate down the tree to the IIS Manager.
Open your host in the Connections segment of the screen.
Double click Handler Mappings.
Find the PHP module you used (In my case I used the windows installer and have “PHP54_via_FastCGI” and right click it and select Edit.
Click Request Restrictions.
Go to the Verbs tab.
Select the “ALL VERBS” radio dial. You might be able to be able to simply add “PUT” to the list in the “one of the following verbs” section. I just decided that if some other verb was out there that it needed I’d let it use that too.

That’s it. you’re done. Now click “OK” all the way back out and restart your webserver (iisreset in command prompt). go back to your client machine and refresh or re-add the directory. It IMMEDIATELY started syncing for me for the first time ever.

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