Mobile “PING” Buster – batch utility


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A few days ago I had a friend, that due to where he lived, could only get high speed internet through his tethering package on his iPhone. The problem is that mobile providers like Verizon and AT& T will disconnect your session if you stay idle for too long. For example, if you were reading a lengthy blog article. He found a way around this annoying limitation by opening up a command prompt and setting up a continuous ping to a public IP address. He said that he had wanted to write a batch file for his not so tech-savvy wife that if launched would open up the web browser and send out continuous pings.

I have written a few batch files in the past and used them in conjunction with window’s task scheduler to automate different functions. An example would be to automate a backup. I had never wrote one that had a functioning menu. So me being me, I wrote up something pretty quick that would perform the task that my friend needed. Then I kept going and built a functioning menu and jazzed up the little utility. It was a great refresher in batch scripting.

You can view the text used for the “Mobile PING Buster” utility here. Or you can download the zipped .bat file here.

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